Industries That Need Online Inventory Management Systems

Industries That Need Online Inventory Management Systems

One essential factor to consider when scaling a small business into a large one is inventory management. Thankfully, with innovation and advancements in technology, software developers have come up with a way to handle inventory easily and quickly through online inventory management. This article will discuss some of the leading industries that need an online inventory management system in their work operations.

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Industries Using Online Inventory Management Systems

There are many reasons why businesses employ online inventory systems. One of which is because it offers efficient management of online inventory. It also helps in planning and forecasting activities. Online inventory systems also help provide real-time access to inventory data, which helps reduce overall operational costs.

Here are some of the leading industries today that use online inventory management systems.


The eCommerce industry is one of the sectors that help sustain the economy and should make the most of online inventory management. Nowadays, businesses in the eCommerce industry have to deal with global distribution and 24/7 order processing. So, depending on their products, these eCommerce businesses may need large warehouses to store their products. Because of that, they have to properly keep track of their records and products at all times to make sure that everything is accounted for.

With the use of an online inventory system, businesses under the eCommerce industry can easily track the whereabouts of their products. They can also see in advance if they need to restock said products or not yet. They can also know the exact number of items left in their warehouses or physical locations. With this, they can provide their online clients with accurate information about the availability of their products.

Food Service

Various sectors of our society rely on food, including households, schools, supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and many more. As such, the foodservice industry needs to purchase, store, process, market, and distribute massive amounts of food products every day to keep everyone fed. For this reason, the foodservice industry requires the proper control of the inventory of purchased food and supplies to ensure that resources are available when needed. You can never have too many food supplies stocked as it may mean wasted money. Storing food products for an extended period may lead to spoilage and cause serious health concerns.

With the help of an online inventory management system, the foodservice industry can track how many food supplies they have in stock. An online inventory can help them check the products or supplies that they need to purchase. On the other hand, they can also see the resources that are in excess. Through online inventory, the foodservice industry can avoid financial setbacks due to overstocking thereby avoiding wastage for perishable items. Moreover, some restaurants employ recipe-based inventory systems that automatically deduct ingredients used to create a meal whenever food is ordered.  Thus, using an online inventory management system will help the foodservice industry maximize its resources and efficiently address customer demands.


Electronic devices – even their smallest parts – can cost a great deal of money. For this reason, businesses in the electronics industry, especially those marketing electronic devices, should also utilize an online inventory management system in keeping track of their products and supplies. Moreover, online inventory does not only help in managing supplies. It can also serve as a guide for businesses to help them manage their finances better.

With an online inventory management system at their aid, they can keep track of the various units, devices, and parts they have in store. They can also identify the right time for restocking. Through online inventory, businesses in the electronics industry can guarantee that they have enough products and supplies to serve their customers’ needs.

Consumer Goods

Retailers such as groceries and convenience stores deal with tricky inventory management partly due to seasonal changes. With the changing seasons comes the need for different types of products or goods by customers. As such, retailers need to perform forecasting as accurately as possible to ensure that they purchase and sell the right products or goods at the right time and at the right levels.

As such, retailers can use an online inventory management system to help increase their forecasts’ accuracy. In doing so, retailers can know when to sell particular goods. They also know how many they should be selling at that time of the year. With this, they can improve their sales and operations activities, thereby also enhancing customer satisfaction.

Feed and Livestock

The feed and livestock industry, including businesses that deal with hog raising, poultry farming, and feed mixing facilities can also make use of online inventory management systems. Without an automated system to keep track of their feeds whenever they release or mix them could result in waste of inventory materials. Aside from this, they risk reducing the quality of the feeds that they mix and produce.

As such, it is vital that the feed and livestock industry should also employ online inventory management. They should do so to monitor and maintain the consistency and quality of the feeds that they produce. They can also employ a recipe-based system that deducts from the inventory level according to the number of batches made whenever they release or mix feed.

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Make Use of Online Inventory Management Systems

Whichever industry your business belongs to, you will discover that an online inventory management system will work great for you.

For instance, you can employ the FIFO Inventory System, which shows you your inventory status at a glance. It is a cloud-based inventory management and sales system that allows users to transact anywhere through any web-enabled device. FIFO provides users with a view of their inventory balances and sales reports, which helps business owners keep track of receivable and payable accounts. See how it works here.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to use an online inventory management system starting today!